Access list of changes from within build script?

Is there any way to access the list of files changed for the current build (ie. what's shown when you click "Changes" on the build page) within the build script itself? For each file I'd also like to know whether it was modified, added or deleted. We're using Subversion in Windows.

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Evgeny, there is no way to get this information in build script.
How would you like to get it and why do you need it?


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Our build servers have a local database, which is used to run the unit tests. When we check in scripts that modify the database we have to manually log onto all build agents and apply the scripts, then stop the build that was triggered by the check-in and and run it again. What I'd like to do is detect when the list of changes includes database scripts and, if a script was added, run it. If a script was modified or deleted it gets more tricky - we'd have to restore a backup from some known point and apply the scripts since then, but it's still doable and it's something I'm keen to automate.

How would I want to access this data? That's a good question! One possibility is a comma-separated file and a property/variable that contains the path to that file. There may be some better way, though.

This also depends on my previous feature request, TW-1643, as the script would need to know what release it's building for.


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