New User - configurating an existing build for CI

I'm starting an evaluation of TeamCity.

So, I have a candidate project in subversion that has a simple Ant build script

Picking reasonable values when setting up the project in team city results in the agent looking in the wrong place for the build.xml file Cannot find build file 'C:\bin\BuildAgent\work\Agent\SearchCore\build.xml'.

When the agent checks things out of svn the build.xml file ends up with the rest of the $ one level deeper, inside C:\bin\BuildAgent\work\Agent\SearchCore\*searchCore*

So what I would like to see is a step by step guide for adapting an existing build for TeamCity - this will probably mutate into several pages, highlighting combinations of builder and revision control.

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Hi Dave,

I suppose that in your VCS configuration settings you should clean field "VCS checkout subdirectory" - this one is required only for multi-VCS settings.
Please also make sure you entered correct relative path to build.xml (add subdirectory if your build.xml is not in the project root).

If these hints won't help, please create a Jira issue and add build logs from buildAgent/logs directory.

Kind regards,

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I think I had a case of 'problem exists between keyboard and chair' I was able to add several projects and configure them to run without incident


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