Specifying JDK/project libraries per-agent

Hi there TeamCity people,
I have a few ipr and inspection builds. The Agra way of setting up JDKs
and global libraries is a lot more comprehensible than the 1.2 way,
thank goodness! But I don't quite understand how to specify JDKs
per-agent rather than globally. For example, we have 32- and 64-bit
agents; we have a 32- and a 64-bit JDK installed on a network drive. We
also have global libraries, which are available on the network drive and
since they are pure Java they don't have separate 32- and 64-bit versions.

For the global libraries, it's very easy: I just put the network path
in the textbox in the lpr/inspection tab of the build configuration
page. Is there a construct I can use that means "look it up in the agent
properties"? (I seem to remember seeing % signs floating around, can I
do something like JDK Home: %JavaHome and then put
JavaHome=/network/JDK-32 in the build.properties file?)


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Hi Robert,

You should be able to specify paths to JDK and global libraries using %% magic.
So you can set path to JDK like %system.java.1.4% and in buildAgent.properties file specify
system.java.1.4 property pointing to JDK on this build agent.

The same applies to global libraries.

Hope this helps,


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