maven generated ipr+iml and inspections runner


I miserably failing at setting up a inspections runner. Reason for this is that:
a) our ipr and iml files are generated by maven and NOT stored in our VCS
b) the inspections runner mandates that the ipr is stored in VCS

Any chance that this restriction will be removed... it that case I could get this to
work with dependent builds.

Even better of course would be tighter maven (especially maven-idea-plugin) integration.


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You may try to use a workaround - place temporary version of ipr/iml files to VCS to generate proper Ipr configuration and than remove these files in VCS. Inspection runner doesn't read ipr/iml files from VCS (it takes them from file system), but TeamCity's configuration page does.
We read ipr/iml files to provide better interface for specifying project properties, so you can setup project with ipr/iml in VCS and remove these files from VCS afterwards.

Hope this helps,



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