I belive TC missing an important step in the build process.

So far TeamCity have captured the build process quite nice, but building is not enough in the real world. There are often some artifact publishing process after each build.

Here is an example:
Project A has been built on dev. server and produce 2 simple artifacts and
Now should be deployed on the same server, and (test logs) should be submitted somewhere.

So as you can see artifact publishing as important as the build process itself.

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Usually people capture this by simply adding deployment steps at the end of their release builds. What sort of thing do you have in mind that TeamCity would do?

--Dave Griffith

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We consider to implement external artifact publishing in one of the future versions of TeamCity. You may watch/vote/comment on http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/TW-1558

But Dave is right - publishing functionality can be implemented as part of the build script, that's why this task doesn't have large priority for us by the moment.

Kind regards,

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Yes Dave is right, but it is a separate logical step, and should be treated as such.

Have a look at the Cruise Control, they have pretty nice ideas, but implementation a bit suffer. I can see that TeamCity went beyond the Cruise Control features, but I believe it is a good practice to keep good stuff on the table.


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