TeamCity and Tomcat

Currently, we have TC installed here with the Tomcat bundled in the windows distribution download.
In the future, we want to set up an own Tomcat server (hosting also other web applications) and want to integrate TC in it.

At the download page it says the recommended versions are 5.5.16 and 5.5.17 and that 5.5.20 wouldn't work.

What about versions newer that 5.5.20 (the current version is 5.5.23), would they work?
Was TeamCity also tested with Tomcat 6.0.10?

Will there be any differences in supported Tomcat versions for Agra?

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We haven't tested TeamCity with post 5.5.20 version, though I see no reason for it not to work (in 5.5.20 they introduced a bug which is hopefully fixed in next versions).
We run TeamCity with 6.0 in development environment - TeamCity worked just fine.

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