Problem with receving notifications

I am doing automatic nightly builds for a project using TeamCity. I am not receiving any email notifications for successful builds. I have configured my gmail account to receive notifications. I have defined the notification rules to get notifications even when build succeeds.
I have a doubt about this. I am not submitting any change to the VCS. I use TeamCity to do an update and run builds. Wont I get any notification if I dont commit? Will I have to make any changes to get the notification? How do I specify the option "get notifications even if the build does not contain your changes" using notification rules? I am not able to do this from "My Setting" page.

Will wait for your reply.

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Additionally I aslo made some changes and tried building. The build was succesful and the build log shows my changes as well. But no email though I have specified the option to send notification when "build successful". Really confused with the problem.

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Hi Aishwarya ,

Please make sure that you've setup server to be able to send email notifications.
This should be done on the "Server settings" page in Administration area.

Hope this helps,


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