More sophisticated build triggering rules?


I have a project that looks like so:

-> derby tests
---> integration tests
-> hsql tests
-> package / docs build

Ideally, I'd like the triggering rules to look more like this:

-> (derby tests && hsql tests)
---> integration tests
-> package / docs build

In other words, I'd like to configure things so that derby and hsql can run in parallel (different agents is fine), and then run integration tests only if both of them succeed.

Is this possible?


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Hi Patrick,

I think this is feasible given that after compile stage you package class files to jars and mark these jars as artifacts.
You'll need separate build configurations for compile stage, derby stage, hsql stage etc.
Your test build configurations should
- depend on compile build configuration in terms of triggering
- depend on compile build configuration in terms of artifact dependencies (they should download compiled classes (preferably prepackaged to jars) and test tasks should reference downloaded files.

But I'm afraid that to run integration suite only if both derby/hsql pass - that's can't be done. You can add trigger only for one configuration.

Hope this helps,



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