Team City website url - making it relative...


We would like to proxy the TeamCity project site under another url - that is we have an apache server "apache1" and we want to set it up to ProxyPass to the team city "teamcity1" server. Unfortunately to make it trickier we want to put it under a different url, so http://apache1/teamcity maps to the real address of http://teamcity1/. The problem is that some of the links on the pages refer to absolute paths, eg /css/... /js/...

I don't suppose there is a configuration option to get it to use relative paths or make it mimic the /teamcity/ url location on the real server?

Thanks in advance,

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For the moment, I see no good solution to your problem. TeamCity uses common tags for URL rewriting which make them absolute in many cases. You should either install teamcity under url http://apache1/ or use http://teamcity1/teamcity :(

Kind regards,

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Hi Kirill,

I went for the second option - it seems to be as simple as renaming the webapps/ROOT directory to be webapps/teamcity and updating the reference in my build agent config.



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