Changes Browser is not good

since the TMate is sort of dead I expected that TeamCity will be a replacement. One of the most important and used features of TMate was Changes Browser. I used it like all the time to see who changed what, when (today, last week etc).

Now the Changes Browser in TeamCity Plugin in IDEA is completely useless. Hidden in the depths of gui and feature wise very poor compared to TMate.

The following I think are biggest problems:

1) The changes are hidden behind the "View changes" icon and a new dialog window opens. But the window is weird - it feels alien to the whole seamless plugin concept. It is not dockable and not modal - so you can open more of them but it is useless anyways.

2) The changes should be directly visible under the "Changes" tab window of the main TeamCity window, exactly as in good old TMate (without any crazy clicking through gui).

2) In the new window there is a table with list of changes. But the first row is not preselected and the "Changed files" and "Comment" panes are empty. You have to click again to see something.

3) If you select file you can compare it but you can't open it in the editor.

I hope somebody will think about it and make it more useful in the future.

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