Passing environment variables (or properties) between build configs?


Our Windows release-build does a label/build/publish, with version based on the current build number. Our Linux-side build configs for same project need to use the same version.

The "dependencies" tab on the build triggering page allows us to kick off Linux builds from successful Win build, but how might we pass the Win build number for the Linux builds to use for versioning?

Do we have the Win build spit out an artifact file containing the version, then have the Linux build declare it as an artifact dependency and read it? Or is there a more straightforward way?

We're running TC 2.0, build 4111.



Hi Chris,

Your solution to the problem should work.
But there is another option to fulfill your need - your Windows build can checking a file with build number to VCS and Linux build will checkout it. But this will work only for "Checkout on agent" mode, which is available for CVS and SVN.

Kind regards,


Good point, I like this solution better -- more trackable.


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