Possible to use emma and to create uninstrumented jar artifacts?

I'm using an Ant build configuration for building a project with several
jars. Everything is fine and also emma coverage works fine. As the
integrated emma engine seems to wrap around the javac ant task, the
released jars contain the instrumented code.

However, I want to deploy the non-instrumented code in the jars
(instrumentation increases the size of jars by approx. 20%). Is there a
way to use the emma that comes with TC for that or do I have to call
emma for instrumenting and report generation from the ant script by
myself? (Then, I guess, I won't get the nifty green overview bars in the
result page?) I would like to have that in a single build configuration
as this simplifies maintenance.


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Hi Axel,

From my point of view, the best variant in your case is to create another build configuration, which builds the project without emma coverage at all. You'll have a nice build with coverage information, and another build without coverage, but with smaller jars. You can even trigger second build upon success of the first one.
Please note, we have "copy" functionality for build configurations so you don't have to setup all the options the second time - just disable coverage checkbox in the second configuration.

Hope this helps,


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