TeamCity 3.0 Benares EAP, build 5504, is available

Hello everyone,

We have a holiday season here in TeamCity team, so please don't blame us for some slowness with answering your feedback. Some key developers are on vacation and corresponding questions may hang for a while :(. We all will be back by the middle of September.

Anyway, we've prepared some goodies for you. Next Benares EAP is out of the door, and it has really interesting features, like build duration and build coverage stats, test duration information, downloadable build logs, support for MS Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.

You can either read the announce in our blog at or view release notes page at .
Download EAP at .

Kind regards and don't forget to backup,

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I notice that the roadmap hasn't been updated since you asked for
feedback back in June. Have you got any news for us on that front?
(Of course, I'm mostly interested in "Ignored" test status
and per-test responsibility
but I would also just be interested to see what happened to our feedback
- or should I just wait until mid-September?)

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Can we pull our 2.0 licenses in now?

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Yes, this build should accept licenses generated for version 2.0.

Pavel Sher
Software Developer
JetBrains, Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

"phil swenson" <> wrote in message

Can we pull our 2.0 licenses in now?


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