package javax.servlet does not exist


we 're evaluating TeamCity 2.1.

I wish to build a web application. But unfortunatly the build fails because no javax.servlet package is found.

The web application has several modules and should run on JBoss. We configured the build to run with .ipr

First try, we were using javaee.jar et j2ee.jar file from the idea folder to compile.
Of course, the file wasn't there on the teamcity installation and fails.

Second try, after reading this post (, we replace javaee.jar with a reference to the JBoss library (module -> dependencies -> add -> Application Server Library -> JBoss.4.2.0.GA) and pay attention to avoid space char in the name.
This try fails with error : /.../teamcity/buildAgent/work/Server/Project/ not found.

Third try : we add the system property for the agent. This property points to a JBoss installation. And this try also fail with errors like package javax.* does not exist

What's wrong ? How to process to make a web build successfull ?



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I found the solution.

in buildAgent/conf/,

add :

now, the integrationBuild.xml.workspace contains


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