[5644] diff viewer cannot retrieve contents

I've just upgraded to 5644 and perfromed a test build with a couple of changes.
Out of curiousity, I've tried to view the diff between two versions of a file that
changed. The diff view page came up with errors along the line of :
cvs server: cannot find module `<cvs module>/<dir>/<file>' - ignored
where cvs module is the module I configured for the project in the project settings,
but dir is a directory under one of the modules residing UNDER cvs module;
I suspect this is because while working with IDEA, each cvs module is mapped
directly to a directory, but because of past problems with CVS modules file
support when used by team city, I've created a directory with symlinks to the other
modules only so that TC could have a single module to checkout for builds.

This, however did not seem to bother previous versions of TC, so is this a bug?

Has TC CVS modules file support been fixed?



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this has to work, if it doesn't it's a bug for sure. Could you please submit bug request into JIRA and attach a little bit more information about your cvs setup (repository from cvs root, module name you configured in TeamCity, and description of the symlink). Please attach also cvs modules file if there are some cvs modules configured.

>Has TC CVS modules file support been fixed?
We fixed some submitted bugs, if something doesn't work for you, please file the bug with description.



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