[5644,MySQL] files stored in cvs_changes table missing CVS module name

I've got a project that has several modules, each stored in CVS as a separate
directory. Builds are being performed correctly and other aspects of the build process
seem to behave. However, the change logs shown (and stored) include relative
paths that are missing the top level directory of the module and so when diffing,
the files can not be found, of course.

This used to work in previous builds for me and I can see this in the database:
older changes are prefixed by the correct module name. The database has been
migrated from HSQLDB earlier on (but initial builds with previous versions worked
fine, only the last couple have this error).

Is there any reason why this would hapen? Can I change something in the build
config? Can I patch something in the database as a last resort thing?



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Bonny Rais

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