Troubleshooting TeamCity Build Agent Issues

We're having a problem with a build agent in "TeamCity 3.0.1 EAP (build 5504)" where the is "enabled" and listed as available in TC but builds just sit in the queue and never go to the agent. Rebooting and stopping and restarting the service on the agent has had no effect. I'm in the processing of backing up and installing the latest EAP now, but how should I troubleshoot such issues? There is nothing in the event log, and nothing in the start menu or control panel that points me to any logs or something similar.

Thanks in advance...

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Thanks to the backup instructions ( I found the log folder in \BildAgent\logs . Unfortunately I see nothing interesting there.

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Sorry for delay with the answer.

If the issue is still actual:
The most probable cause of builds not going to the agent is that agent is incompatible with them. What do you see in "Can run on " column of the Build Queue? If you have "No agents" link there: try clicking it - it will show compatible agents for the build configuration. It may also be helpful to check "Compatible configurations" tab of the agent.

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