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I am trying to set up a command line runner in TC 2.1.1 which (remotely) executes a build script which is located in a subdirectory of the build working directory and which needs to be executed in this subdirectory. When I'm using something like the following as Command executable


and leave the Build working directory field empty, the script is executed - only in the wrong directory (presumably %build.working.dir%). Entering relative paths like 'src' or '%build.working.dir%\src' as Build working directory results in the project sources being checked out in the installation directory of the TC Build Agent on the remote machine. I cannot use an absolute path either because the work base directory is specific to the individual agents I am using. And, in fact, I don't want to change the overall build working directory but only the working directory for this individual script, so I think to achieve this an additional Command executable working directory parameter is required. Or is there any other way?

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As you discovered, build working directory is a directory which is used to checkout the sources. Currently, TeamCity always runs build scripts with this directory set as current.

You probably need the feature filed as
Please vote for/watch it.

The current workaround is to modify the build script: first to change to the required directory and then perform the main tasks.

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