B5813: Upgrade issues continued: agent problems


Further to my previous database issues, which I think I resolved (I've compared the schemas of a clean install 5813 and my upgraded version and at least structurally,
I think they're the same), I now have issues with the agents connecting:

I think the issue was the fact that the attempted database conversion failed and
some values were not placed in some columns, causing the code to barf, as it
should; however, maybe some note related to these changes would have saved
me some time.



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Hello Bonny,

Looks like database information is not consistent :(.
As a workaround, please try to run the following SQL command in your database after server shutdown:

DELETE from agent
DELETE from running

This will lead to removal agent and running builds, but this information will be restored when your build agents will register again.

Hope this helps,



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