TeamCity 3.0 Benares, build 5985, is released

We are happy to announce the release of the TeamCity 3.0

The release is the achievement of not only the JetBrains TeamCity Team, but also of all the participants of the forum and submitters to our tracker.

Thank you all for your valuable feedback and time reporting issues about TeamCity!

This release introduces new licensing policy for TeamCity, which is now per- Build Agent. There are also two editions: Enterprise and Professional.

Professional edition has several limitations:
- Number of user accounts is limited to 20
- Number of build configurations is limited to 20
- Per-project roles are not available (TeamCity 2.0 approach is used: server Administrator/User/Guest levels)
- Authorization schemes (LDAP, NT domain) are not available

The good news are that with all this limitations, Professional edition is completely free!

There are no limitations in the Enterprise version ($1999 per server).

Both editions have 3 build agents "bundled" and more agents can be purchased for either editions ($299 per agent).

If you have TeamCity 1.x/2.x licenses, you get Enterprise version for free and get an agent license for each previous user license!

TeamCity accepts old license keys as agent keys with corresponding number of agents in each. Enterprise version can be requested from our sales department at, once you provide your customer ID or one of the previous license keys.

TeamCity also provides Open-Source license which grants Enterprise server with unlimited number of agents. (more at )

No license key is required for Professional version.
Both editions use the same distribution, so entering Enterprise server license will make Professional edition into Enterprise on the fly.

You can browse through the new features of TeamCity 3.0:

And download the release at:

If upgrading, read about changes that might affect your existing build configurations at:

Happy building,
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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Was meaning to post this earlier - congrats on the release :)

TeamCity 3 rocks :)

Yegor Yarko (JetBrains) wrote:

We are happy to announce the release of the TeamCity 3.0


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