OT: TC license policy for IDEA V6->V7 Upgraders

We've recently upgraded our set of IDEA licenses from V6 to V7 (before the
official release) and purchased TC licenses at the same time.
At the time, my understanding was that the upgrade would be sufficient for us to
upgrade to TC3 when it came out. This indeed was the case, except that the
edition that is shown is professional and strangely enough, the license has a
generation date of October '04?

Is there an official guideline about the upgrade policy? I'd hate to think that we now
have to fork another $2k because we missed some details in the licensing/upgrade
documents (it wouldn't be the first time though... :))



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Hello Bonny,

If you have TC 2.1 licenses, you are eligible to get TC 3.0 Enterprise edition for free.

To enable enterprise mode, corresponding enterprise license key should be entered into TeamCity.

To get such a key, please mail to sales@jetbrains.com with details about your prior purchase - and the enterprise key will be mailed to you.

Kind regards,

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Thanks, that's what I thought. I'll have to wait till next week as this is annual holiday
time in this part of the world and the details are with some other lucky person still
on holidays :)




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