Labeling rules not defined


I'm trying to set a label on sources manually, but every time I try to, I get the following message : "Labeling rules not defined".

I have the following rule set : trunk=>tags

And my VCS URL looks like this :

I used TC 3.0.0 and upgraded to 3.0.1 without success. It seems to be similar to :

But I did not get any workaround working, and the JIRA issue says it is fixed in 3.0.1.

Any idea ?


Hello Cedric,

If you're using absolute (relative to the repository root) path you have to start the rule with '/'

Try this:


Or you can define root as and use checkout rule


For such a configuration labeling rule "trunk=>tags" have to work.


mmm, I tried :


None of those works : I always get that "Labeling process failed: Labeling rules not defined" message...



Did you run the build to test new labeling rules or it was manual labeling?
Manual labeling works with the same vcs root version build was built with (with old labeling rules).


Ok, that should be the problem : I'm trying to label a successful build manually. I changed the rules afterwards...


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