Does TeamCity support ASP.NET Web Site builds?

I have a msbuild file that builds an ASP.NET Web Site project but when I try to run it in TeamCity as an MSBUILD Build Runner I get an error:

: MSBuild output:
c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\bin\..\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.MsBuildBootstrap.exe @xml "C:\Team City CI\"
TeamCity MSBuild bootstrap v1.0 Copyright (C) JetBrains s.r.o. by Eugene Petrenko
Start MSBuild...
'C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\MSBuild.exe' '@"C:\Team City CI\buildtest.msbuild.teamcity.msbuild.args"'
working dir = ''
Microsoft (R) Build Engine Version 2.0.50727.42

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2005. All rights reserved.

MSBUILD : error MSB1026: Schema file does not exist.
Switch: true
: Process exit code: 1

The MSBuild file works when it's ran through the command prompt. Here is the file:

MyProject C:\Team City CI\Precompiled Assemblies C:\Team City CI\WebApp ]]>

Does anyone have any ideas?

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In the Build Runner options page turn off validate msbuild file. I am not sure what this is supposed to do, I have never gotten a build to pass with it turned on.

Although if it does what I think it does it would save me grief when someone has a syntax error in the build file. Now when that happens TC uses the last builds result because the file was bad so clean couldn't run which means my build-results file is still there.


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