NUnit problems

We have a solution which includes a few NUnit projects. When I include them in the build, I get the following:

: [Target "NUnit_TeamCity_generated_109bddaf5806450c952b9ddcae60a632" in project "TMSAllSolution.sln.teamcity.patch.proj"] Failure executing test(s). If you assembly is not built using NUnit version, then ensure you have redirected assembly bindings. Consult the documentation of the ]]> task for more information.
: [Target "NUnit_TeamCity_generated_109bddaf5806450c952b9ddcae60a632" in project "TMSAllSolution.sln.teamcity.patch.proj"] Could not load file or assembly 'namespaces' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

I noticed that our projects were referring to version 2.2.7 of NUnit (nunit.framework.dll), so I switched to 2.2.8, but this didn't help. I have no idea what to do else.

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Well... I'll give NUnit a shot, but I'm not really satisfied with this as it means I'll have to maintain both the solution files and the ant files.

To me it seems that TeamCity isn't handling unit tests correctly, and frankly, a CI-solution which doesn't handle unit tests isn't really usable. If you look at the error message you see that it's trying to load an assembly called "namespaces". Surely something is very wrong somewhere.

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I of course meant "I'll give NAnt a try". And I have. Seems to work fine as the way Team City handles it is really elegant, I was able to create 3 very simple NAnt build files and get them to run my tests. I would of course really prefer it if the sln2008 runner could do this out of the box, but at least the workaround was simple. Thanks for the tip!


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