JUnit with a specific JDK

I'm using an IPR run, and i must absolutely run the unit tests with a JDK1.4
Is it possible to specify with JDK is used to run the JUnit task ?
The JAVA_HOME on the build agent is pointing to the TeamCity JRE (1.5 i guess), if i change and point it to JDK1.4 i have the following error :

com/pme/build/idea/teamServer/BuildGeneratorTask (Unsupported major.minor
version 49.0)


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There is "Command to invoke JVM" parameter on IPR runner settings, try to specify path to java.exe from your JDK there. This parameter is available if you choose Fork mode for your tests.

Pavel Sher

Edited by: Pavel Sher on Mar 24, 2008 10:58 AM


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