Install build agent on server

Could we get an option to install a build agent on the server that is running TeamCity? (rather than having to download the zip, upload it back to the machine and then manually install it)


Hi Donald,

Why we need to download it when it's already on the server?

And when you installed TeamCity, it asked use to install a build agent. If you ignore, so of course you need to install build agent manually.


Perhaps it asks you that if you install the whole thing but we install the WAR file into an existing TOMCAT server. I've never been asked that question.



There is a file in the update folder of the unpacked war. You can get this file and unpack it wherever you want. Then you'll need to configure conf/ file (just specify server URL there). To start agent use "bin/agent.(sh|bat) start". You may also want to install agent as service, see corresponding bat files in the bin folder.

Pavel Sher


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