"checking for changes" step in Ant-based build

By far the longest part of our builds are the first step, where the build log reports it is "Checking for changes".
We have a number of CVS modules defined for each build configuration, most of which will are large library repositories, and will never change.

My questions are:
-What exactly is going on in this step? Is it running a cvs log command or what?
-Is there a way to control what is happening here?

The desired behavior is to just check out whatever we have defined in our VCS settings and run with it. There are already separate settings for each VCS configuration for when to check for changes, so I wonder what is being done different at this step in the build.

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After some more investigation, I'm figuring this step "checking for changes" is to identify changes in the new build vs. the last build.

For our setup, we want to include/exclude specific VCS roots in this check. The majority of VCS roots included in our build configurations contain shared libraries that take a really long time to check for changes, and will not change anyway: they are checked out via a specific label. The source VCS location we are building is all we would want to check. Is there a way to configure this, or otherwise address the problem?

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Consider using of artifact dependencies. You can publish your shared libraries as artifacts of some of a build to the TeamCity server and then you can configure dependency on these artifacts in dependent builds.

Pavel Sher

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Great idea, that worked out for me. Thanks.

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