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i am using starteam as vcs and msbuild as build-engine. i will sync the revision number from starteam as build number in teamcity.

therefore i set the build number format in my teamcity configuration to {build.number} but it dont correct, i have become the following output: #2008/03/31 16:34:38 +0200.

now i have write a message-task in my msbuild to see the values of the following properties from teamcity:


it gives me the following output:

build_vcs_number: | build_number_format: {build.vcs.number.1} | build_number: 2008/03/31 16:34:38 +0200

what is the connection between this properties and how can i get and set revision number from starteam as build number in teamcity ?


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What do you mean by "revision number from starteam"? StarTeam has a notion of revision number related to each item (folder, file, etc.). Is this what you need?

build_number_fromat - is the pattern used to compose a build number.
In this particular case the build number is the change set number ({build.vcs.number.1}). For StarTeam TeamCity uses a timestamp representation of change set numbers. That's why you get "2008/03/31 16:34:38 +0200" as the build number.

build.vcs.number isn't exposed as system property so got nothing then you tried to display it.

For more information on build numbering see


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