Cannot create artifact when using the OutDir property in MSBuild

We use the MSBuild process for our VS2005 applications as opposed to the SLN as it allows us to specify the output directory on the command line during the build process. (command line parameters: /property:OutDir=\TestDeploy\ )

The issue we are having is that we need the result of the compilation to be placed into Team City as an artifact for other projects. It doesn't make sense that TC would know where the resulting DLL lives when you override the output directory.

Does anyone know how I would solve this without having to have two build configurations, one for the artifact and one to push it to the deployment location?

thanks in advance.

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Hello Stephen,

Sorry for delay with answer.
I'm afraid I cannot catch your problem. Why cannot you specify the overriden value for OurDir as artifact path? TeamCity supports absolute pathnames for artifact paths, aritfact may be located outside project directory.



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