VS2005 plugin not reporting build completion

I'm trying to run a personal build using the VS2005 plugin. The build runs and fails (I can tell from the build server), but I don't get any notification in the IDE - the personal build window just disappears after I submit the build. The only way to get the window back is through the TeamCity menu, but it doesn't contain any info on the previous build.

What am I doing wrong?



Does 'my changes' shows some information about your personal builds? This
could by achieved from TeamCity commands bar. What checkout rules are set
up for IDE notification? Do you use windows tray notifier?
Eugene Petrenko
JetBrains, Inc
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The My Changes tab in the web UI shows my personal builds.

I think the problem is that I can't get to the "My Changes Tool Window" in the IDE. The integrated VS2005 help says that there should be a menu option TeamCity > My Changes, but the only options I have under the TeamCity menu in VS2005 are Login, Logout, Run Personal Build and Download Update.

I tried disabling the tray notifier and set the IDE notifier to watch builds with my changes.


Do you see TeamCity toolbar? There cold be no such menu item under TeamCity

Is that possible for you to Log in to TeamCity by clicking Login... menu

What toolbars are available for you?

Could you please attach logs:
- close all vs instances.
- open temp folder (C:\Documents and Settins\]]>\Local Settings\Temp)
- remove folder JetLogs
- start VS
- Do all actions: open solution, login to TeamCity, try looking for toolbars
- close VS
Attach all files under JetLogs inside temp folder

BTW. Could you please try running deven.exe /setup. Please not to wait for
it to exit.


Eugene Petrenko
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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