Build Agents not reconnecting after service restart.

I am unable to get Agents to reconnect after a restart of the TeamCity service. We have 3 agents, one of which is on the box with the service itself. All three are listed as 'disconnected', with inactivity reason as 'server shutdown'.

First, how can I verify that the agents are running as expected? Telnet, etc?
Second, I don't see any think other than service.stop and service.start for the agents. Is there any other way to 'reset' them?

Yesterday, I stopped the TeamCity Service to perform this update.

After the update, we restarted TeamCity, and all three of our agents reconnected within minutes. I had some strange behavior with that update (trying to get RowTest working with NUnit 2.4.7), so I rolled back the update I performed( I had a backup of webapps/root/update/plugins/ and restored it). I then restarted the service, and unlike the first time, none of the agents will reconnect. I have given it a good 20 minutes without touching anything, and they still did not reconnect. After that, I tried stopping and starting the service, as well as one of the agents. No luck..

Any suggestions?


.. update May 16, 2008 10:31 AM

I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the agent running on the same box as the server. Still, all three agents remain 'disconnected'.

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Essentially, the updates to the agents were failing because of the file I coppied to a backup ( before I updated it. When this extra file was removed, the agents successfully updated and registered with the server.

- the teamcity-server.log showed hundreds of attempts to 'upgrade' agents.
- teamcity-agent.log showed 'upgrade failed, restart build agent' and 'shutdown agent start' after attempting to copy that extra zip file.

Thanks Yegor for your help.


Thanks a lot, this workaround solved our issues as well when trying to upgrade.


Thanks a lot, this workaround solved our issues as well when trying to upgrade.


After following the procedure here I'm not able to run RowTest tests yet, how did you manage to do it?


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