How to post build artifacts to fixed folder?


Sorry for newbie question - I am just trying to setup Team City, and do not know much.

Is there way to automatically post all artifacts from successfull build to specified folder, without manually downloading it from server via browser? I wish the 'most current' build be always availible in the fixed network shared folder.

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I think this could be done via plugin. Or you can modify your build script to achieve the same result.

Pavel Sher

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Based on other posts, I believe you set up an artifact dependency from a secondary build to the artifact generation of the main build.

Then in your second build, you can use a custom MSBuild script to move the files using the copy task. Based on other deploys I've done, I imagine you'll need a way to stop the current site in order to overwrite the assemblies. This again can be done in MSBuild but I haven't nailed down exactly how it works.

This post has some msbuild extensions that may help:

I'm going to be setting this up Monday for our local environment, so I'll post my results when/if I get it working.

If you're in Java, deploying via an ant script is pretty easy after the main build has generated the .war file.

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Many thanks, I'll try it tomorrow.

Chip Paul - it will be nice to see your results. I'am .NET user.


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