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I'd like to write a custom build trigger. Apart from a brief mention on the wiki ( I've had no luck in finding documentation. After a bit of digging, I see that I need to create a build trigger, a build trigger factory and register that factory via spring. However, I'm lost as to how I expose that trigger via the web. Looking at the WebPlace extension points there's nothing that allows me to introduce a new tab in the build triggering config page....

A bit more digging turned up the admin/editTriggers.jsp which does seem to control the tabs via an 'initalize3dLevel()' function, but the list of tabs it creates looks suspiciously hard coded.

Am I missing something?


Dave Watkins.

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There is an issue which is not resolved yet:

At the moment build triggers UI is not extendable, hopefully we will address this issue in the next version. Right now I would suggest you to create your own controller (see WebControllerManager.registerController()) and create your own JSP page for your trigger settings. It is not very convenient because you will have to navigate to this page via hand coded URL, but it will work.

Pavel Sher


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