VSS checkout problem

Just installed TeamCity and trying to adopt it for our organisation.

We are using VSS here.

I set up VSS as VCS in Build configuration. Running build. It veery long 'checking for changes' and then gives an error:

Error while applying patch: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\aeb27699e327b304\Sources\Web\SearchPage.master\BaseControl.cs

What is it? 'SearchPage.master' is not a folder - it is master-page file. And 'BaseControl.cs' is a file in App_Code folder that was not get from VSS by the way...

And what is patch?

I am fully confused...
Any ideas what it can be?


What version of TeamCity is used?

Please follow the instruction and patch your server's VSS-NATIVE exe. You need to replace
file ]]>\webapps\root\WEB-INF\classes\bin to the file from vss-support.jar\bin\vss-native.exe

Does that helped?



Thanks for reply.

But I did not understand where I can get 'vss-support.jar\bin\vss-native.exe'?

I use TeamCity 3.1.1


Seems like this one works. Many thanks!

By the way - it warks really slow (more then 20 minutes to update sources, get it throught client is much faster) - is any way to improve performance?


Now there is another problem - not all files were checkouted from VSS.

What can be the cause?


That is really interesting case if some files are not takes.
Let's move our duscussion to Tracker
Please have a look and watch the issue at http://www.jetbrains.net/tracker/issue/TW-5118

Could you please attach there .ssa (VSS Archive) of the folder where the missed file is. If that possible all VSS database will be great.

Secondly, could you please capture the logs from VSS-NATIVE.exe. For doing that, please start with logging enabled mode as it was described in TW-4694



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