multiple projects in a solution

we place our application code in one directory (and TFS location) and our Data Access Layer code in another (again, a different TFS location).

+ Application
+ + Project 1
+ + + project1.sln
+ + + project1.csproj
+ + + + Project 1 Test
+ + + + project1.test.csproj
+ + DAL1
+ + + dal1.csproj

The solution file references the project1 and dal1 projects. As project1 depends on the dal1 project, we have Team City build it first and create the artificat. We want TeamCity to compile the project1 solution and run the test cases - however the solution fails in Team City The project file "..\..\DAL\DAL1\dal1.csproj" was not found

However, the artifacts are properly created (the DAL1.dll and the project1.dll) so something is working.

In my Version Control settings, I include both the solution root for the DAL and the Project.

The DAL is marked as a dependancy for PROJ1.

If you need anything else, please advise.

Thank you in advance.

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We resolved this issue by creating a CI configuration and having it not build the DAL project.


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