JUnit integration with Simple Command Execution

I'm using the command-line runner to execute our build script. As part of the build we generate junit TESTxxxx.xml files. I've read that integration should be automatic. I see no Tests tab, and including the xml files explicitly as artifacts does not help. Is my problem the fact that I'm using the command-line runner?


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I switched my build to use the Ant runner and now it picks up the tests. I presume that tests aren't picked up automatically whem the Simple Command Execution is used.

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TeamCity does not parse tests reports, instead, it plugs into the test running process and reports the tests "on the fly", not waiting for the tests to finish.
As a result, tests reporting is supported only for the supported runners/test frameworks.

So, yes, the missing tests reporting was related to the command line runner usage.

Here is an issue in our tracker to support post-run parsing of the tests reports. You can vote for or watch it.

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