Code Inspections never end

We are running TeamCity Enterprise Version 3.1.1 (build 6828), and I have a three-module (IDEA 6.0.5) project that I am trying to run Duplicates and Code Inspections on. The Duplicates check seems to work fine, if a bit slowly (it ran in almost 2 hours Friday night). However, the Inspections runner climbs from 0 to 100%, claims to be "Done," but never completes, even if left to run over the weekend (the little green icon just keeps swirling). Running the Inspections from IDEA completes in c. 9 minutes on my desktop. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

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Can you please try to get a thread dump of the processes in the build while the build is still running, but overdue? You can try to do that with "View thread dump" action on the build results page of a running build. Please also provide the full build log. You can post the details as a new issue in our tracker:

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