TC stopping (Obsolete) builds

We had a case where two running builds stopped on their own (without a user triggering a stop command)

The log shows
WARN - buildServer.AGENT.registration - My running build 4380 is obsolete. Will try to stop it and reregister c

Can anyone shed some light on what this means or why it would happen?

We have been running 6 build agents on Linux for several month's now without ever seeing this.

This is also a problem for us because when we do stop a build manually, the agent will shut down after 5 min and we have to usually start the agent.


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The message
"My running build 4380 is obsolete. Will try to stop it and reregister cleanly"
appears when TeamCity server decides that corresponding build is not running anymore. When build agent registers, it passes id of the currently running build as a part of registration information. When server doesn't have a running build with given id, it disallows build agent to register. After such response from server, agent tries to stop the running build and to register cleanly, i.e. without active running build.

Sometimes, build agent is unable to stop the build (but in TeamCity 3.1.1 this should be a very rare case).

After the explicit stop command from user, TeamCity build agent tries to stop the running build. If it cannot do it within 5 minutes, agent is unregistered by the server and running build is cancelled on the server-side. We plan to change this behaviour not to unregister agent but to report in WebUI that build cannot be stopped.
Please watch issue .

What OS do you use? What version of TeamCity do you use? If not 3.1.1, please consider upgrading.

Kind regards,

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"After such response from server,"
The build was running at the time and then was shut down.
So it appears that the server lost track of the agent. Why would this happen?

As far as shutting down builds and agents..
I had posted about this before. We are running on Redhat Linux. we are on TC 3.1.1 Our builds never stop right away. They take the 5 minutes and then the Agen dies. Our Admin has to keep watch and restart as needed.

Not that bad as we only have 6 agents. Though it is not fixed for 3.1.1 it appears that it is for the next EAP in TW-4668. I will try the provided patch.

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I've fixed the issue when agent is unregistered when build cannot be stopped, the fix will be available in the next Calcutta EAP.
But the primary question is why your builds do not stop. Have you tried the patch in TW-4668?
If it doesn't help, we need to investigate the problem once more.

Kind regards,

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We applied the attached patch as directed.

The problem with the stopping build function is now corrected.

The build stops within30 seconds and the Agent does not drop out.

Thanks for the effort in this regard.

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