File missing in build artifact

The artifact built by TC is missing a file. When I run the build locally, the file is contained in the build result.
I forced the agent to do a clean checkout and also checked the file system of the agent, the file in question is there - it is just not included in the build.

The only difference I can see between my local environment and the build agent is the length of the full file name:
locally it has 246 chars, on the build agent it has 266 chars (see attachment)

Is there a restriction to the length of a file name? If not, what else might cause this behaviour?

Thanks for any hints,

file name.txt
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This limitation is most probably imposed by the operating system. e.g. you can refer to this page:
for maximum file path length limitation.

You can specify checkout directory for a build to be something like c:\hk-sales. (but please make sure no two build configurations with different VCS settings share the same checkout directory)

You can also consider publishing jars with classes (not class files themselves) as artifacts for easy downloading and management. This will also improve the artifact publishing performance.

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Yegor Yarko
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