Dependencies reversed - Build other configuration when current one triggers

Imagine having two projects:

It is possible to use dependencies to say: when Application builds successfully, automatically build ApplicationInstaller (using a trigger).

But is it also possible to say: when ApplicationInstaller needs to build, always build Application first? If I understand correctly, it is possible to use artifact dependencies only to copy files that have already been built, not to trigger other projects. Is there some way to force this reverse dependency?

Note that I do not want to set a dependency that causes ApplicationInstaller to build automatically when Application has been built, because this build takes too long to execute every time that Application changes.

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There is no such feature in the TeamCity currently. The good news is that we are working on it right now. You can expect such dependencies to appear in one of the next EAP releases. The feature will be included in the next TeamCity major release scheduled for the fall.

The dependency will not only trigger a build, but ensure both builds use the same sources version. Another difference form the usual builds is that both builds will use sources actual on the moment of build trigger, not moment of the build start.

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You can copy paste you project configuration to "Application and installer"
Configure trigger to ApplicationInstaller from it
Data can be transfered as artifact

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@Yegor: Thanks for your reply, we are looking forward to the next release ;)

@Alexander: Thanks for the suggestion, I will probably use this as a temporary workaround.


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