Now businesses in every industry move more data in an afternoon one day than they once did in one year. And with the economic globalization, they do more business with the foreign countries. In fact, the research reports show that it doubles every year. This places tremendous strain on IT system—especially those tasked with moving, securing, and storing the information.
Most organizations have faced common challenges. How do I share my information with my partners or units abroad? How do I make sure it’s secure? Can I transfer large files? Can I make this process more efficient?
Qoodaa has answered all of these questions as one of the leading transfer companies. It helps organizations to handle numerous data exchanges efficiently. Qoodaa differs from any other file-transfer solutions because it can transfer very large files at a high speed and transnational. Qoodaa has the following key features in file transfer:

Large File Transfer:
High Efficiency: it can transfer files at a high speed.
Transnational Transfer: it can exchange files with users abroad.

If you need serious file transfer performance, an ability to do transnational transfers, and the assurance that you can transfer files at high speed – you owe it to yourself to look at Qoodaa.
Its Website is :

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