Can't perform Remote Run (See TW-4580 and related)


several months ago, I've reported this problem and had tracker issues (JIRA back then) assigned to them - TW-4503, TW-4580
These are still open, and I still cannot perform a remote run from IDEA. Can someone please help here?

For those who remote run actually works (I'd imagine this would be the majority here), could you please share setup, in particular
- do you use CVS (we still do)

for those with CVS repos
- in your team city build setup, do you use pserver and which user is configured in the cvs root (TC user or a real user)
- is the CVS root the same as the one you use on your own machine to access the repo?
- do you use CVS module definitions with TC or are you specifying roots for each directory in the repository?

Any help would be appreciated.



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