64-bit Build Agent?

One of developers is complaining of the performance on a 64-bit VM that hosts a Build Agent. He seems to think we are running a 32-bit agent.

Do I need to do something special to make the agent 64-bit? Can I jsut install the 64-bit JRE on the VM?

What else is involved?

Thanks - Jon

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Stop agent
open ]]>/launcher/conf/wrapper.log
Please the value for property 'wrapper.java.command' with path to java.exe from 64bit jvm.

Please do not forget to escape '\' with '

You have to change -Xmx settings there to 768mb. It is stored in parameter 'wrapper.app.parameter.3'

After doing that change start agent service again.

Just curious, do you have your builds running 64bit processes? It is possible to use different JVM for agent and build process.



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