NAnt with nunit2 task not working

I have the following target defined in common-project.xml (which gets included in

<test assemblyname="${bin.dir}/$.dll" haltonfailure="false"></test>

TeamCity doesn't seem to replace the nunit2 task with it's own task. Also properties like "teamcity.dotnet.nant.nunit2.version" are not set...

When I run a build, the build succeeds (tough it should fail, because of failing tests). There is also No Test tab on the build results page.

How do I get this to work? (How to get TeamCity to communicate with NAnt?)

I'm using NAnt 0.86 and NUnit 2.4.7

Edited by: Remco Ros on Jul 11, 2008 4:47 PM

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My bad,

I was using to delegate seperate .build files to nant (it looses all properties given on the commandline). I'm using ]]> task now.


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