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Can I interpret the lack of an answer as a "NO"?

If so, that's a shame.... http://gant.codehaus.org/

Gant is so much nicer to work with than ant... writing imperative code with ant is twisting XML into forms it was never intended.

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Sorry for delay with the answer: we were a bit busy letting 3.0 out.

There is no dedicated support of Gant in TeamCity so far. But I guess you can run Gant scrips via Command Line runner or from a basic Ant script (that can be specified right in the Ant runner settings on the web UI).

Not covered point here seems to be reporting the test results which we report "on-the-fly" when the tests are run from Ant.

BTW, proper Gant support seems to be a good idea for a plugin!

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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How should I go about making the feature request?

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We're using a simple command runner to run Gant targets and this works ok. A plugin would be nice if it could provide more detailed statistics, I'm starting to read up on plugin development now. I've attached a screenshot showing our runner config, which is fairly simple. Our server (TC 3.1.1 build 6828) is running on Solaris, and we installed Gant local to the server and passed GANT_HOME as an environment variable to the build agent, as well as adding $GANT_HOME/bin to the agent's path.


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