Port Conflict when using with MKS Source Integrity


I posted this some weeks ago but now I got some more detailled information. When the build agent is running as service MKS Source Integrity cannot be started. I get an error "JVM_Bind: Address already in use".

When I shut down the build agent service it can start properly. When using netstat /b the difference between running and stopped build agent is the following:
TCP computername:31000 localhost:32000 ESTABLISHED 2812

TCP computername:32000 localhost:31000 ESTABLISHED 4060

Whe starting MKS (without running the teamcity build service) netstat shows:
TCP computername:31000 localhost:1235 ESTABLISHED 520

TCP computername:31000 localhost:32000 TIME_WAIT 0

So I think the problem is the usage of the port 31000/32000. Is it possible to change the port usage of the TeamCityAgentService-windows-x86-32.exe?

Or maybe it is possible to start the agent without the service (if only the service itself uses the port).

Many Thanks


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