TeamCity and Clearcase Get Latest

I am having an issue with TeamCity copying the latest files from the ClearCase view to the build agent work directory. The new/updated files exist in the view, yet when TC pulls the view it seems to only be pulling from "main" and not "Latest". So it's not getting any updates or new files. Is that the correct functionality?

Maybe it's a config spec issue. Below is how I pull elements from my config spec.

element * CHECKEDOUT
element /xxx_vob/IS_4_0/... .../main/Is4.0ReDev/Latest

Thanks in adance.

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Hello Paul,

Please try to rewrite the last line with

element /xxx_vob/IS_4_0/... .../main/Is4.0ReDev/LATEST

TeamCity doesn't recognize Latest as LATEST, this is will be fixed in 3.1.2


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