Batch changing multiple build configurations

We have a lot (80+) build configurations, many of which share common/similar properties. In the absence of inheritance of build configurations (registered as, is there a way to get around this issue?

For example, I tried to change the build configuration xml files directly using sed, which seemed to work fine, but when I tried to edit a changed configuration in TeamCity (after restarting TeamCity) it said "Do you want to save your changes?" before I had even made any changes... I presume from this that a separate copy of the project configuration is kept in the database, or a timestamp at least?

What is the best way to make multiple similar changes to build configurations?

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Actually project-config.xml files can be edited without server restart. Server should pick up all changes in these files on the fly. Project configuration is stored on disk only and there is no copy of it in database.

Could you please clarify how did you change these files? Probably you can send us your script?

Pavel Sher


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