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I was wondering if anyone can share any experience in tracking down the cause of frequent hanging builds.

We are using TC 3.1.1 with 7 Linux build agents server and 64 bit JVM.

There are times when the 'view thread dump' link works and times when it does not...

Up to now, the builds have stopped anywhere in our build process. However last night we had several scheduled builds hang (that all started at 00:00), where according to the log, TC had not even retrieved the source yet.

Is it possible that the problem could exist with the build agent?

Any help would be appreciated..

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You can use jstack utility (bundled with JDK) to take thread dumps on the agent. When next time your agents hang please send us thread dumps of all agent java processes and logs of your agent. You can send it to teamcity-feedback@jetbrains.com.

Pavel Sher


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