StarTeam VCS root no longer finding updates after 3.1.2 upgrade

I upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 over the weekend. Ever since the upgrade my StarTeam VCS no longer finds changes. I've checked in a number of items and my "My Changes" tab only lists items from before the upgrade. When I force a manual build the output artifact contains my code changes, but the Change Log tab doesn't reflect any changes.

I haven't changed any VCS settings, and everything worked just fine with 3.1.1.

The teamcity-vcs.log file contains the following entry at every checkout interval:

INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Collecting changes for SourceCode; from version 1219685465000; root=checkout-mode=head
url=starteam: user=]]>

In each of them the version stays the same, "1219685465000" and only changes if I reboot the server.

Things that I've done:
1. Manually run a history cleanup
2. Selected 'enforce clean checkout' for each of my three build agents
3. Restart the web server machine again

So, what can I do next to troubleshoot this problem? TeamCity is no longer building anything when we check in changes, and our scheduled builds indicate "no changes" when numerous files were changed.

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we're facing the same problem with 4.0 EAP (#7385) and SVN, sometimes it works, sometimes not

went through the same procedures to debug the problem as above

version string differs though:

Collecting changes for XXXX; from version 2008/08/26 07:33:09 +0200; root=externals-mode=externals-none

Collecting changes for XXXX; from version 2008/08/26 07:34:14 +0200;

we do have a small date/time-difference between agent/buildserver/vcs-server (which I read in tracker might cause trouble) - but this never affected operations before (3.x, 4.x)

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I've opened a ticket on this item:

If you are experiencing the same (or similar) problem, perhaps you can add a comment to the issue so that we can provide jetbrains with as much information to troubleshoot the issue as possible.


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